Intricate details and rich images create an atmosphere that interests and captivates. Inspired by the rich history of art and ancient craftsmanship, Studio Bram Knol does not believe in “Less is more”. Instead, we aspire grandness and the beauty of perfectionism.


To achieve this we are specialized in combining a large number of different art-forms and techniques, like: animation, VFX, 2d art, 3d art and directing.


At the age of 18, Bram Knol started his first big project 'Despair". A 5 minute view into a rich and unique fantasy world brought to life by the large number of props, costumes and visual effects.

At that time he had no experience whatsoever with movies and projects of this scale, but he handled all aspects of pre production, production and post production on his own. Creating this epic short film introduced him to a larger audience and gave him the experience and knowledge needed for his next projects.


In 2014 Bram released his first music video for the song Stillness of the Woods by Guiliaume Finta. The animation got him nominated for Best Student Award by the Playgrounds Digital Arts Festival.


A year later he graduated from art school with two projects: Mephisto and Semicircle.


With Mephisto, Bram made a statement about his view on modern design by creating a sports-car inspired by Barok and Gothic art. The video showcases his ability to visualize and sell the concept and atmosphere of a product. Mephisto earned a nomination for the Sint Joost Penning 2015 (a price for the best art student), and got featured in various car magazines and blogs, like and Top Gear Magazine.


His other graduation project was a music video for the song Semicircle by Wolfendale. Semicircle showed his ability to create a rich and fantastic world without relying on cgi. Semicircle also caught lots of attention in magazines and was featured at exhibitions.



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